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The word KIMAS stands for Kitovu cha Maendeleo Safi (KIMAS) formerly it was referred as Kikundi Mwavuli Masasi. KIMAS was founded in 1993 and officially registered in 2001 by the Ministry of home affairs with registration NO.10788 as a community-based organization (CBO).

Later in 2019, it got a certificate of compliance to operate in Tanzania mainland as a Non-governmental (NGO) organization under the NGO Act.2002 through registration No. 00NGO/R2/00060. KIMAS is headquartered in Masasi Town Council in Mtwara Region and currently has one sub-office in Mtwara Mikindani Municipal.

Strategic Aims

  • Over the next five years, KIMAS plans to pursue the following five priority key strategic aims;
  • Child rights governance (right to Education, Health, Expression….) improved
  • Food and nutritional security at the household level improved
  • Land rights governance in KIMAS program areas strengthened
  • Economic empowerment among poor communities in the KIMAS program areas district improved
  • Lobbying and advocacy improved.


To achieve success in implementing desired strategic aims, KIMAS envisages making use of several strategies which include but are not limited to the following;

  • Establish good working relations with the media
  • Establish and operate a good working relation with education and research institutions Establish, and maintain good working relations with the government and other stakeholders.
  • Establish and operate good networking with different standing committees of the national assembly Establish and strengthen good working relations with capacity-building service providers
  • Participate in national and international events advocacy, children and women rights like African child day, and 16 days of gender activism.
  • Devise and operationalize a fundraising and resource mobilization strategy.
  • Establish a good working relation with other important development actors for securing both financial and material support
  • Establish and regularly update the database of donors’ development partners/funding
  • Facilitate the establishment of a strategic link between microfinance groups and financial institutions and markets

Community Volunteer

KIMAS project activities at the community level are carried out by Community volunteers of different cadres such as Animators (agriculture and animal keeping volunteers), Community Caseworkers (CCWs), Peer Champion (PC), Community health workers (CHWs), and Community Education Mobilizers (CEMs).

  • About 3000 trained Community volunteers are currently engaged.