National Multi-sectoral Early Childhood Development Programme (NM-ECDP) Launched in Nanyamba

Nanyamba Town, March 13, 2024 – The Nanyamba Town Council today launched the National Multi-sectoral Early Childhood Development Programme (NM-ECDP) for the period 2021/2022-2025/2026, implemented by KIMAS (Kitovu cha Maendeleo Safi).

The NM-ECDP is a program that provides integrated and collaborative services in Health, Nutrition, Safety and Security, Early Learning Opportunities, and Responsive Caregiving.

Launching the program, Nanyamba Division Officer, Mr. Seif Nanyembe, on behalf of the Mtwara District Commissioner, told participants attending the one-day training:

“Go and implement this program by overseeing all the communities assigned to you. Conduct public meetings so that our citizens can gain this knowledge and our community can progress in development.”

The program coordinator, Mr. Kelvin Achiula, said the project is taking place in all nine councils of the Mtwara Region. To date, six councils have launched the program, while Mtwara District Council and Mtwara Municipal Council have yet to launch.

The launch of the NM-ECDP was attended by the Regional Secretariat, Nanyamba Town Management. Ward Executive Officers, Ward Education Officers, Ward Community Development Officers. Social Welfare Officers, Nutrition Officers, Gender Desk, Civil Society Organizations, and Religious Leaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • KIMAS, through the NM-ECDP, is working to improve the care, growth, and development of young children in Tanzania.
  • This program provides integrated and collaborative services across various sectors. Such as health, nutrition, safety and security, and early childhood education.
  • The launch of the NM-ECDP has taken place in six out of nine councils in the Mtwara Region.
  • The goal is to launch this program in all councils across Tanzania to improve the lives of young children.

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