• Cervical Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

Cancers has been a stressing global issue since it’s believed to contribute a great percentage on daily mortality. In Tanzania BREAST CANCER, CERVICAL CANCER AND PROSTATE CANCER have been the leading cancers than all others. In women cervical cancer seem to take 32.5% of all cancers while breast cancer being the second with 12.5%.Prostate cancer has a high prevalence than all cancer in men.

With these studies, MOFACHI set down saw there is a need to start a project that will reduce these prevalence to a minimum level leaving the community safe.

FIGHT AGAINST CANCER is the first project under MOFACHI with the following objectives;

  • To reduce the new cases of cancers,
  • To make sure the current cases are on treatment and medication,
  • Ensure maximum adherence of treatment to the ones on treatment.