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Living On 1 $

In Peña Blanca, Guatemala, four brave college grads battle hunger, illness & extreme poverty as they experiment with living on just $1 a day for 56 days!

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56 Days

Their mission was to try and live 56 days resembling the lives of the indigenous people of the village.


Living on just $1 a day. People in survival mode – trying to manage each day just to feed their children.

4 People

4 young people decided to do something and not just watch. How their actions can have lasting impact.


They learned the importance of the people around them to help one another and survive.

Get to know Peña Blanca villagers

In rural Peña Blanca, Guatemala four young friends experimented & had a hard time with the living on just $1 a day but the togetherness, generosity, love and strength of their neighbours gave them strength and hope to carry on. Inspired with the Peña Blanca villagers and their strength to live and survive gave them push to make an impact to the world and to help Peña Blanca people.

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