About Us

Mother, Father and Child Health Foundation (MOFACHI) is a non-governmental organization  registered under the non-governmental organization act No.24 of 2002 by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children with registration number NGO/00009648 .

Improving health status has been a world agenda. The situation of our people is not worth since the health services are not improved to accommodate the scattered population of the country because of poor economy to fund the medical bills, poor response of people on delivery of health services, poor belief of people on health services, poor knowledge of people on health tips and negligence of health services providers to work at rural areas.

Hence there is a need to establish collective efforts to join health sectors on provision of health services .Thus the Mother, Father and Child Health Foundation (MOFACHI) shall base on improving the health status of Mother, Father and Child groups since these groups are the backbone of the community this is likely to say improving their health status is creating a sustainable health community.

Thus from these, MOFACHI came up with the vision of Creating a healthier Tanzania Community.


To rectify the factors that deteriorates the health status of Mother, Father and Child in the country.


To raise awareness and support on health insurance services improvement so as to benefit Mother, Father and Child.
To raise awareness of people basing on the health tips and the importance of health services.
To promote health education on reproductive health among Mother, Father and Child.
To encourage the health services providers to have a patriotic heart of working hard regardless of the location, distance or place.